Friday December 1st, 2023
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Bayt Zaytoun Makes All Kinds of Olive Oil From the Heart of Fayoum

Sourced from the founder’s family farm, Bayt Zaytoun makes a wide collection of extra virgin olive oils infused with chili, garlic, basil and rosemary.

Kurt Galalah

Made from olives sourced from founder, Ahmed Azzam’s, family farm, Bayt Zaytoun is one local brand that takes pride in everything that makes it Egyptian.

“Starting from the name, we wanted to create something intrinsically Egyptian and celebrate products from Egyptian land”, Azzam told SceneEats, “and so we wanted the brand image to reflect that.”  

The brand make and sell a variety of extra virgin olive oils with different flavour infusions, other than the non-flavoured olive oil, of course. The flavours are garlic, chili, rosemary and basil. “There isn’t one single country that makes the best olive oil,” added Azzam. “Olive oils are different all over the world. But Egypt grows some of the best olive fruits out there.”

The brand focuses on production quality, ensuring that every step of the intricate, delicate and artisanal, process of making olive oil is carried out just right: from the picking and handling to the juicing and storage. Bayt Zaytoun also hopes to expand to international soon, but instead of exporting in bulk, will make it a point to preserve the brand and its Egyptian identity.

Bayt Zaytoun’s range of olive oils are available in Maadi’s El Market Grocery, Rdna and CSA Maadi. Additionally, Maadi’s Leaven bakery uses the brand’s olive oil in making their delicious focaccia bread. Bayt Zaytoun delivers all over Cairo via WhatsApp (+2 0101 998 2829).