Monday April 22nd, 2024
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B Laban Adds 'Foul' Dessert to Their Menu

I survived with my journalistic integrity intact.

Fatafeet El-Share

B Laban Adds 'Foul' Dessert to Their Menu

This is SceneEats correspondent Fatafeet El-Share' reporting live from Downtown Cairo, where my feet are getting blistered from waiting in line - unlike the fashion ‘gurlies’ over at SceneStyled, nothing is given to me on a silver platter - and then fighting my way into B Laban to uncover their latest concoction…foul. 

Yes, you read that right. 

After what seemed like hours of avoiding elbows to reach the store, my eyes finally fell on the qedra (because if anything, we have all learned by now how extra B Laban is). I watched the staff member scoop the concoction up, which - up close - is only popcorn soaked in a dark caramel sauce, with a hint of cinnamon, perhaps. Weary but willing to do anything to get the story, I made an order for foul and taa’meya. I was served a plate of pistachio-lotus ice cream taameya with pistachio and lotus dipping sauces, alongside some classic roz b laban with a generous - too generous, actually - portion of ‘foul’. 

In the spirit of journalistic integrity and transparency, I will tell you that it’s such a concentrated dose of sugar that only people with an intense sweet tooth will enjoy it, but the combination itself is alright. 

Until the next food adventure (or B Laban crisis),

Fatafeet El-Share'