Saturday July 13th, 2024
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A Guide to Valentine’s Day Desserts

Prepare to be swept off your feet (and into a sugar coma) with our curated list of the most swoon-worthy desserts for Lollipops and Roses season.

Hassan Tarek

A Guide to Valentine’s Day Desserts

Love is in the air, and what better way to sweeten the romance than indulging in delectable desserts this Valentine's Day? Whether you're planning a cosy night in or a charming date out, we've scoured the town to find the most irresistible treats that will make your heart skip a beat. From gooey chocolate delights to fruity temptations, this guide is your ticket to dessert paradise on the sweetest day of the year.

Dara’s Ice Cream

Branches all over Egypt

This isn't your average frozen heart. Think chocolate decadence meets crunchy, golden honeycomb in a shape that says "I love you, and your dentist!"


Delivers all over Egypt

Forget the diamonds, Fati's box offers love that's both sugary and heartfelt, a perfect bite-sized expression.


Branches all over Egypt

Don't underestimate the classics! Freshly baked cookies, whether classic chocolate chip or something fancier, are a warm hug on a plate (just be warned, the fight for the last one might get heated).


Branches all over the world

A special delivery indeed. Nola is quite literally breaking hearts this Valentine’s day with a special box, complete with a hammer and two chocolate hearts. They also have lovey-dovey cakes with teddy bears and hearts for your loved one.

Fou by Farah

Delivers all over Egypt

This elegant layered beauty will impress even the most discerning valentine. Think light, airy sponge cake, luscious strawberry filling, and a sprinkle of romance on top.

Nino’s Bakery

Delivers all over Egypt

Ditch the rom-coms, Nino's cake is your Galentine's Day party starter (with a side of shade).


Branches all over Egypt

Imagine a rose garden captured in a macaron: La durée's Ispahan, a symphony of lychee cream and fresh raspberries nestled within a rose-kissed shell.

Oven Heaven

Branches all over Egypt

These are not your average cookies. Imagine rich, red velvet dough hugging a creamy cheesecake centre, all dipped in decadent dark chocolate. Prepare for love at first bite (and maybe a sugar rush).


Delivers all over Egypt

These adorable mini cookies are dipped in smooth chocolate and shaped like little hearts. They're perfect for popping in your loved one's mouth (with consent, of course!).