Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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7agogah Finally Reopens in Cairo

We’re going to cancel our Friday family gathering plans because we’re going to get turnt up at 7agogah instead.

Kurt Galalah

Nothing warms your cockles more than Teita’s food. Whether it’s her iconic molokhia or delish gebna beeda bel tamatem sandwich, there’s no losing with Teita tbh. Doing that job and even more (sorry Teita) is 7agogah, a restaurant that was able to garner a cult-following in such a short time all thanks to their hearty menu.

7agogah is going to make you rethink your family’s cooking. ‘’7agogah isn’t a real person but she embodies the energy of every Egyptian teita, which is exactly our vibe here,’’ Islam Salama, owner of 7agogah, tells #SceneEats. ‘’If your Teita made it before, then it’s definitely on our menu.’’

After Sahel season ended, there was no way of catching 7agogah no more in Cairo, but thank to the food Gods, you can now finally go at them in Sheraton.

7agogah’s menu speaks for itself because ain’t nobody got time to speak on behalf of it. Why, you ask? Because it’s endless, henny. They make everything from kebab to shish tawook, makhasy w nokha3, kaware3, mahshi, mombar, kebda, sogo2 and fattah. You get the point.

You can find them anytime between 2PM until 12AM on El Saa'qa Street.