Saturday July 13th, 2024
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23 Elegant North Coast Restaurants Opening This Summer

Here’s to hoping our opulent dining decisions will be the only dilemmas we struggle though this summer.

Layla Raik

23 Elegant North Coast Restaurants Opening This Summer

Every year, the summer stagnancy of the big city overpowers our couch-nesting and propels us to flock among our family and friends and migrate up North, dreaming of serenity and simplicity but packing a couple of shimmery mini dresses and stilettos just in case it gets too serene.

To help you breathe life into lulling Sahel nights, we’ve compiled this list of the 23 hottest upscale dining spots taking the North Coast by storm this summer, for your impromptu beach-found dates and sultry girls nights out.


Almaza Bay

A premium party destination with unwavering gastronomy, Sachi's new branch in North Coast brings the spirit of sipping in style with flowing cocktails that taste even better in the Mediterranean air.

Pier 88

Almaza Bay

With a dedication to vibrant nightlife and upscale cuisine, Pier 88's beachfront branch embodies Giovanni Bolandrini's delicious message through and through.


Marina, Marassi

As one of Cairo's and the MENA region's finest destinations for Japanese cuisine, Reif brings its unagi expertise to the shore, offering beachside sushi indulgence.


Hacienda Red

Promising a dazzling experience as the coast's brightest, Lucida serves an extensive array of international delicacies complemented by the eatery's renowned blueberry and basil mojito, accompanied by live performances by some of the country's brightest stars.


Marina, Marassi

Enjoy delectable bao assortments or savour a wholesome poke bowl at Smokery in Marassi, where the coastal breeze adds an exuberant touch to familiar dishes.


Marina, Marassi

Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant Izakaya takes on a maritime edge in its all-new Sahel branch this summer, flaunting the sumptuous flavours of the coast.

The Lemon Tree

Hacienda White

Maintaining their addictive allure in a beachier setting, Lemon Tree lands on the glimmering coast of Hacienda White, offering delicate pina coladas as a dessert on the beach.

KIKI’S Beach Bar

Hacienda White

No summer is complete without a visit to the North Coast's it-girl: Kiki's. If their stunning summer line-up isn't enough to win you over, their pesto croissants and rosé sangrias surely will.


The Address Marassi Golf Resort

One of Gn'K's more opulent escapes, SAX will enchant North Coast visitors with soulful dining and a sensual experience.

Mistiqa Island

La Vista Bay & Mountain View, Ras El Hekma

Merging delicious traditional cuisine with endless fun, Mistiqa by Mountain View puts the Shak (and Shik and Shok) in shakshuka.

Chimes Beach Bar


A beachfront dinner you can hear before you taste, Chimes offers visitors a home away from home with traditional food options and generous hospitality.


Marina, Marassi

The Marina's newest opulent maritime development, Capitaine is the result of Smokery's unwavering hospitality combined with the expertise of 3-Michelin-star chef Christian Le Squer. Barbouni  La Vista Bay East  Contrary as it may seem, seafood tastes best when enjoyed by the beach, and Barbouni serves just that in La Vista Bay East.


Hacienda White

Grilling our fish in both the traditional Alexandrian way and across international seafood trends, Galambo crafts carpaccio that is worth the wait.

Casa Noku

Marina, Marassi

Indulge in the calm of the North Coast by allowing Casa Noku's earthly delicacies to ground you in the present moment (and in your palate).

Baia Beach House


Mediterranean cuisine with panoramic Mediterranean views? Baia is the place bringing our lunch feta fig salads and dinner frutti di mare to life.


Hacienda White

Savour risotto like a famished Sicilian and drink like an Englishman all at once, while enjoying stunning beach views at Scalini, an Italian-British-founded spot.

Beef Bar


Sahel carnivores rejoice because your favourite Beef Bar will be up and sizzling again starting on July 15th.

SASS Beach Bar

Hacienda Bay

Opening its doors this Eid, Sass by Palm Hills will keep peckish partiers on their feet with delicious sashimi and the country's best entertainers.



In addition to our sunblock and holy cover-up, Zoya's Rituals is an opulent seafood dining destination we consider the third horseman of the North Coast apocalypse. Opening on July 1st.

Le Sidi

Hacienda Bay

Whether or not you get to enjoy the esotericism of Le Sidi's boutique rooms, you can indulge in the hotel's hospitality through their scrumptious summer feasts.

Megumi Cocktail Room

Almaza Bay

The spirit of Baky hospitality comes to life in yet another Sahel hotspot: Megumi. The Japanese cocktail room is the optimal resto-bar for existential conversations laced with sumptuous cocktails.


The Address Marassi Golf Resort

Nestled in the serene crevices of the immersive Address Marassi Golf Resort, Cincin is a brand-new cocktail lounge serving both prawn cocktails and regular cocktails on a stunning breezy rooftop.