Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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14 of Cairo's Cutest Dog Friendly Cafés

Because cursed is the hand that separates hand and paw.

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After many moons of never-ending outings with boring - albeit sensible - people, you begin to  wonder what your dogs are doing, whether we left our shoes out again, and ultimately yearn for the familiar warmth of a paw on our knees. And because that sentiment is all too familiar to most, countless cafes and restaurants around the country are coming to their senses and permitting the bundles of joy that are our best friends onto their premises. So, if you’ve been aching for some quality time with your furry friend, here are 14 spots to take your furry friend to, as Harry Nilsson put it, share a cup of tea with you (far from ‘No Dogs Allowed’ signs).


Where your furry friend can thrive: All branches

As a nationwide health hub, SELF, knows that a holistic health plan can use a paw or two (or four), and lets you enjoy the company of your furry friend with a side of their signature salads and coveted ‘Malouk Eats’ ice cream.


Where your furry friend can thrive: Sheikh Zayed

Firm believers in the magic of good coffee and even better company, The Dog Cafe is the spot to bring your pup to in order to fully flesh out those personal puppy moments. While doggy meets up with friends and sniffs many-a-butt, mommy and daddy get to enjoy their coffee, read a book, or even experience the dog park meet-cute moment of every dog owner’s dreams. The canine hot spot also offers a delicious selection of treats to keep tails wagging all day long. ESPRESSO LAB

Where your furry friend can thrive: Waterway 2 & The Drive


Because some of us need a triple shot of caffeine to match the energy level of our golden retriever, Espresso Lab allows you to bring along a furry friend to play fetch with.


Where your furry friend can thrive: Sheikh Zayed

Straight from Beirut, Lily’s cafe is the ultimate all-day dining experience serving you deliciosity from 9 AM to 12 AM every day at WOC, Oh, and their picturesque macaroons are the perfect bite sized fillers to feed on as you mourn the loss of Mashrou Leila (with a paw in your palm of course).


Where your furry friend can thrive: New Cairo

Thanks to Vasko, you can now bring your emotional support pupper on never-ending first dates with the edgy have-you-read-The-Stranger-by-Albert-Camus English lit major for actually interesting conversations when the latter leaves for a prolonged restroom break. 


Where your furry friend can thrive: Maadi

Brunch heaven Ovio is the Mr Worldwide destination for delectable universal cuisine experience and a pawsome time. 


Where your furry friend can thrive: New Cairo

Because your pet is a must-have guest at every birthday party, but some years (every year, honestly) you don’t have it in you to make your living room visitor-friendly, Cake lets you bring your furry friend and properly celebrate with the only soul you truly care about. 


Where your furry friend can thrive: Zamalek 

For an Instagram post that makes it seem like you just stumbled off your yacht on the Italian riviera for a coffee, bring your furry friend (the star of all your social media feeds, duh) to Holm, Zamalek for a short all-I-need-is-coffee-and-books-and-my-dog photoshoot.


Where your furry friend can thrive: Maadi

The artisan bakery, restaurant and pizzeria opens its mouth watering doors (thanks Pavlov) to hands and paws alike. You might want to think twice, though, because who would want Il Mulino’s pizza stolen off their plate and a fur coat drenched in oven baked crust and tomato sauce?


Where your furry friend can thrive: New Cairo 

An easy go-to, Ampersand offers apartment-dwelling dogs a garden to enjoy (pre-armed with anti-bug shots) and mommy a soul-fortifying lunch, all in one place.


Where your furry friend can thrive: Waterway 1 & The Drive 

Transcending traditions way beyond their coffee practices, the beloved coffee hub allows you to bring along your canine friend on your hunt for a loaded dose of caffeine.


Where your furry friend can thrive: Maadi 

If your dog is as pastry-obsessed as you are, or if they’re just obsessed with you and everything you do, Ralph’s German Bakery allows you to live your best ‘You’ve Got Mail’ life with picturesque walks to Saturday breakfasts together. Bonus points if you bring a newspaper to hide from Meg Ryan (or the older lady creepily staring at you) behind.


Where your furry friend can thrive: 5A by the Waterway

Channelling 70s vibes all the way through, the Foufa sisters, dog lovers themselves, welcome you to bring your canine babies for an all-day extravaganza of an eating experience. The only condition? They get to pet them.


Where your furry friend can thrive: Heliopolis

Forget flaky sushi dates, now you can dress up, put on your favourite lipstick (likely to stay unsmudged for the rest of the night) and take your furry friend out to enjoy a fancy meal with actual good company.