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1,000,000 Transactions and Counting: How SURVV is Planning to Shake Up On-Demand Delivery in Egypt

After reaching a phenomenal 1,000,000 transactions in less than a year, Egyptian startup SURVV has grand plans for the year to come with a new consumer app.

Delivery Startup Survv Launches App Offering Consumers Access to Huge Range of Services and Products

From birthday cakes and coffee beans, to books, gifts and event tickets – Egyptian startup, SURVV, is doing it all as part of an ambitious plan to take over the increasingly competitive on-demand delivery service.

Partnering with pharmacies, cornerstones, restaurants, bookstores and much more, SURVV is a delivery startup that caters for all and boasts high technology systems that uses AI, machine learning and various algorithms that help perfect their last-mile delivery cycles, as founder, Ahmed H. Abouelenin, told CairoScene. "By introducing an unmatched user experience that relies on utilising the latest technologies to perfect all aspects of our services, especially our last-mile operation."

Founded in 2019 by a group of tech-orientated entrepreneurs, the remarkable rise of the startup can also be measured internally, with its team growing from six to 35 members, and a $1.5 million investment speaking volumes of its growing reputation within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

"With our cutting edge technologies and state of the art engineering disciplines, we build products that scale to serve millions of consumers securely and intuitively," CTO Ameer Gaffer said. Having started life as a B2B service last year, the company hit the impressive milestone of 1,000,000 transactions in less than 12 months, while also reaching the even more impressive milestone of a 98% fulfilment rate – which is music to the ears of all Egyptians in light of the SURVV’s new consumer app being just around the corner.

It all feeds into a bigger picture for SURVV, as co-founder and commercial head, Yasser Shoukry, underlined. "We aim to build a sustainably profitable business by expanding fast and by offering more services catered according to our customer's preferences." says Yasser Shoukry, SURVV’s co-founder and commercial head.

Stay tuned for more on news on an app that's already shaping up to be a must-have.


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