Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Shady Srour Teams Up with Controversial American Youtuber Logan Paul

Just, why?

Staff Writer

The Internet, despite its abundance of cat videos and bagel recipes, is virtually a bottomless pit of sullen despair; where the light of decency wanes, the laughter of children morphs into the wails of the damned, and where Disney characters are forced into adult entertainment. Need more proof? Look no further than this.


NEW vid with logan soon.. 🎥🎬😈

A post shared by Shady Srour (@shadysrour) on

Srour is apparently crossing swords with the biggest example of why humanity should have never gone past the first world war, Logan Paul. Though no details have been released as of the time of this article, one shudders to think what they might be dredging up in what we can only assume is a dark, dank video editing room full of moldy memes, sadness and millennial melancholy.

For those of you blissfully unaware (and we’re sorry we have to be the ones to tell you this); Logan Paul’s recent fall from grace was a result of his blatant trivializing and flat out mockery of suicide, after filming a man who had hung himself in the Aokigahara “Suicide Forest” in Japan, trying later to deliver a “heartfelt” message about the topic of suicide, to disastrous results. This caused him to rapidly fall out of fans’ admiration, getting rightfully angry backlash from a litany of public figures, as well as getting his Youtube ad revenue revoked.

Before you start accusing us of being too uppity on our highest of horses, know that nobody out there hates us more than we do, and that no matter what we’ve done throughout the years, we’ve never even contemplated, nor have we wanted to realize, the level of horror that might come out of this unholiest of unions.