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Dettol Donates Disinfectants to Abul-Reesh Children’s Hospital and 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital

With thousands of children treated at the Abul-Reesh and 57357 hospitals a year, Dettol has stepped forward to help protect some of the country’s most vulnerable amidst the Coronavirus crisis.

Dettol Donates Disinfectants to Abul-Reesh Children’s Hospital and 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital

Every day, families are going above and beyond to disinfect their homes and take measures to protect their children from the COVID-19 virus that has put the whole world at lockdown. If home is the safest place to be, then ensuring hygiene in the home is paramount, especially when it comes to those most at risk.

But what of hospitals? To be precise, what of children’s hospitals? There has been a string of gestures extended from the private sector to help the whole country get through this most difficult of times, but one of the latest – and one of the most directly beneficial – comes courtesy of Dettol.

A household name that has become synonymous with the products it produces – think of what Hoover is to vacuum cleaners, for instance – Dettol’s repertoire if cleaning supplies and disinfectants have, naturally, been in high-demand, as they’re considered by far the most effective on the market.

This is why the brand has stepped forward to do its part for the Abul-Reesh Japanese Children's Hospital and the 57357 Children's Cancer Hospital, by donating a whole host of its most-needed products.

The gesture couldn’t be more welcome. Abul-Reesh treats thousands of children a year for free and hundreds more families and visitors come through its doors daily. In fact, its significance and importance extend even further. Established in 1983 as a gift from the Japanese government, the hospital offers specialised departments and is part of the Abul-Reesh network of hospitals, which was first established in 1928.

The 57357 Children's Cancer Hospital, meanwhile, has been doing remarkable work since launching in 2008, and has always relied on donations, making Dettol's contribution all the more essential.

On its part, Dettol will provide soap and disinfectant liquid – which contain chloroxylenol and benzalkonium chloride instead of bleach – as the whole country comes to grips with the crisis. It’s not stopping in its support of the hospitals there, however, and has even launched a campaign to encourage Egyptians to contribute in keeping the hospitals safe and running.

You can donate directly to Abul-Reesh thorough bank account number 2222 or via SMS to 9501. Donations for the cancer hospital can be made through bank account number 57357.