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You Can Now Visit 31 Stunning National Parks in the US Right From Your Couch

Google Earth has launched virtual tours of 31 of the most gorgeous national parks in the US.

google earth

Ever watched a scene of two lovers strolling down a beautiful park and sitting down for a picnic, then proceeded to add it to your bucket list? Well, unfortunately, you can’t fulfill your nature-and-picnic-loving destiny right at this moment, but Google Earth has come through with the next best thing: 31 virtual tours of serene, vast American national parks.

One of the parks that made it onto the list is Colorado's Black Canyon of Gunnison (best name ever), which boasts some of the steepest cliffs and oldest rocks to be found in America - 2 million years old, to be precise. The list also includes the gorgeous desktop background that is the Virgin Islands National Park, which consists of beaches fringed with coral reefs. Plus, you can visit Florida’s Dry Tortugas, a collection of insanely pretty turtle-inhabited small islands in Florida, or the OG of national parks, the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

To access the tours, download Google Earth (available on App Store and Google Play) and search ‘National Parks’. Happy exploring!

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