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Vodafone Egypt Kicks Off Their Talent Discovery Content with Superstar Amr Diab

Vodafone Egypt is kicking off a talent discovery competition along with superstar Amr Diab under their music platform Vodafone Music.

Amr Diab

It's not every day that a telecommunications company tells you to sing, but Vodafone Egypt is changing that. They just announced that in partnership with superstar Amr Diab they are launching the first talent discovery program "حلم الغنا", a musical competition that invites Egypt's amateur singers to come together and share their vocal talents in an attempt to follow their dreams of becoming singers and having the chance to sing with the one and only Amr Diab.


In a one-of-a-kind event, there will be two lucky winners, one of each gender, who will have the opportunity of a lifetime - singing alongside superstar Amr Diab.


Applying isn’t hard at all! Record a video of yourself singing one of Amr Diab’s songs and post it on Facebook with the hashtag ‏#حلم_الغنا. Who knows, you could be singing with Amr Diab soon.


For more information how to take part in this incredible event, click here.