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Users Renewing Their Data or Phone Bundles via Electronic Payment Will Receive 30 Times their Bundle

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology are gifting users with 30 times their data and phone bundles for free.


The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology has announced that users who renew their internet or phone bundles via electronic payment methods will be gifted 30 times their bundles for free. The agreement between the National Communications Regulatory Authority and mobile operators throughout Egypt was made to ease the burden of COVID-19 on the public's wallets and decrease the chance of viral transfer through cash. Essentially what this means is that the amount you pay via electronic payment methods into your account will be multiplied by 30, and you are then free to put that amount towards your data or phone minutes usage.

This is the latest in a growing line of decisions by the Ministry made in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, such as allowing students free access to online learning sites, and allocating 3,000 phone minutes and 10GB of data for free to hospital staff.

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