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Turn Your Home Into a Moodboard with These Lamps

Prettier than your prettiest catalogue.


We don’t think that trips to Ikea are ever going to get boring, but this Egyptian homeware brand is putting even more life into fun furniture shopping. 


Leon, Inc. makes the prettiest lamps we’ve ever seen, going for a vibe of modern, minimalist, and melodious. Who needs unpronounceable Swedish when even your product names are as aesthetic as your products?


Their Instagram a moodboard dream, you’re going to want to buy everything you swipe through, and the fact that they even deliver to your doorstep makes them a lot more difficult to resist.


Because everyone loves a wholesome brand, they even have a blog about things you’ve always wanted to know but never thought to look for, like how to light your room and the effects different lighting could have on you.


Leon was launched by Khama, Inc., the first Cairo-based online market for construction and interior finishing materials. Having kicked off in 2019, they’ve since revolutionized supplier accessibility and availability, making processes like making orders and finalizing deals easy like never before.


After all, it’s 2020. Why not be able to furnish your house with the touch of a button?!


You can follow Leon, Inc.’s delicious Instagram feed here.  


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