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This Suit Brand Makes Looking Debonair More Local Than Ever

Let's get spiffy.

El Tarzy

We don’t know about you, but we’ve always had the fantasy of growing up to be the kind of person who stands regal in an all-white pantsuit, with the skyline shining brightly behind them through glass walls as we make a phone call in our skyscraper office. We aren’t quite there yet but we did find *the suit* in question— and it's not Dolce and Gabbana or Chanel, it’s made right here in Cairo by our newest local obsession, El Tarzy.

No, not the person who you take your pants to get hemmed at. An actual brand called El Tarzy makes these bomb-ass tailored suits for women and men that are pink, flared, cropped, black, or literally whatever you customize it to be. That's the concept, after all—  making customized formal wear that is catered to you and only you, so you can bid those long hours at the mall desperately searching for just the one thing that works goodbye. 

The newly launched label is a go-to for those occasions when you’ll need to show up loud and proud, so you know you need something to turn out exactly the way you want it to. 

The brand was founded by Amr El Mehy, a 26-year-old ex-digital marketeer. “After my grandfather’s passing, my family and I came across his old suit collection that had been completely custom-tailored for him and looked so elegant and expensive,” he told us. El Mehy wanted to recreate the pristine craftsmanship of older days, and so set foot to revive the local scene with El Tarzy in August 2018.

The local brand started out in a downtown location, and took around 3 weeks to deliver the final custom-made product. Nowadays, it has grown substantially, taking 3-7 days in their new warehouse location in Nasr City, where customers can choose from over 500 fabrics and order suits, socks, button-downs, coats, shoes, and the brand hopes to expand soon into making evening gowns for women as well. In their ongoing effort to revive the local crafts sector, El Tarzy is launching courses for artisans to improve their deliverable quality.

Looking dapper has never been more locally accessible and empowering, both for the Egyptian industry and on a personal level (because who doesn’t want to rock it out in a snazzy suit?). Phew, it’s getting hot in here. Is it time to let our inner #boss out? 

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