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The Grand Egyptian Museum to Host World's First-Ever Hanging Obelisk

The Grand Egyptian Museum - whose opening has been delayed to 2021 - will feature a world's first in the form of a hanging obelisk, set on a four-legged base at the museum's entrance.

grand egyptian museum

Shocking absolutely everyone, the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum has been pushed to 2021 because of the pandemic. But that gives the largest museum dedicated to a single civilization more time to add to their 50,000 artefacts, and this time they're taking it to another level with the world's first-ever hanging obelisk. No hung jokes, please.

The ancient obelisk itself - which features a cartridge containing King Ramses II's name - has been restored by the Grand Egyptian Museum, and will placed on a newly-constructed four-legged base. Planned to be set at the front of the museum, visitors will be able to walk underneath the base and stare up at the obelisk, giving them a rare opportunity to see one of these structures from every angle. The word 'Egypt' will be engraved all over the obelisk's four-legged base in nearly every language in the world, to serve as a symbol of hospitality for visitors from all over the globe.

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