Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Space Tourism Will Blast Off From Abu Dhabi in 2025

EOS-X SPACE will see the launch of space capsules by the third quarter of 2025, with tickets going up to EUR 200,000.

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Space Tourism Will Blast Off From Abu Dhabi in 2025

Ever wanted to take a trip to space? By the end of next year, you may be able to buy your tickets and get shot past the stratosphere from Abu Dhabi. EOS-X SPACE, Europe's pioneering space exploration company, is gearing up for a historic debut in Abu Dhabi by the third quarter of 2025. Led by founder and CEO Kemel Kharbachi, the company is finalising the development of its spaceship capsules and preparing for crucial validation tests with military pilots, in collaboration with the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA).

With a substantial investment exceeding USD 230 million in engineering and development across Spain and Abu Dhabi, EOS-X SPACE is currently securing funding through a EUR 115 million Series D investment round led by US investment bank FTI Capital Advisor. This initiative aims to establish Abu Dhabi as a key operational base alongside its headquarters in Seville, Spain.

EOS-X SPACE distinguishes itself in the burgeoning space tourism market with pressurised capsules propelled by non-polluting helium balloons. These capsules accommodate up to eight passengers, offering breathtaking views from the stratosphere's edge at 40,000 metres altitude during five-hour flights. Ticket prices range from EUR 150,000 to EUR 200,000 per passenger.

In Abu Dhabi, EOS-X SPACE plans to enhance the local space tourism landscape significantly. The company's strategic vision includes operational facilities and immersive experiences tailored for visitors, complementing the region's ambitious developmental aspirations.

With expectations of substantial growth in the space tourism sector, projected to reach USD 9 billion, EOS-X SPACE anticipates a revenue surge of 220% over the next five years.