Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Social Media Meets Satellite TV: How YouSat is a GameChanger for Content Creators in Egypt

Launched in September, YouSat already boasts thousands of content creators from across Egypt and beyond - so what’s all the fuss about?

Staff Writer

Social Media Meets Satellite TV: How YouSat is a GameChanger for Content Creators in Egypt

It's been called the next evolutionary step in television consumerism, the next big leap of faith for content creators in Egypt, the Middle East and the world. Fusing the accessibility and freedom of social media with the convenience and global reach of satellite TV, YouSat has arrived in a blaze of glory, gaining thousands of contributors and a host of celebrity endorsements in less than four months since launching.

The concept is very simple. If you have a visual story of any kind to tell, YouSat offers you a platform that, by 2021, will be accessible to anyone (and we mean anyone) with satellite TV on the planet.

Currently broadcasting in MENA (NileSat 11096/27500) and via live stream on its website and Facebook page, YouSat already boasts a huge amount of Egyptian content creators, ranging from magician, Cris El Masry, and nutritionist, Hazem Tarek, to singers and entertainers such as Ahmed El Kholy, Mohamed Mekawy, May Abdel Aziz and Shahd El Shaarawy. Beyond Egypt, there are plenty of familiar faces, too, including Kuwaiti dermatologist and content creator, Dr. Talal Al Muhaisin; Iraqi vlogger, Mustafa Hasan; Jordanian energy awareness advocate and alchemist, Dr. Ehab Hamarneh; Morrocan rapper ILY, ElFar3i from Palestinian/Jordanian band, 47Soul; Star Academy alumni, Lea Makhoul, from Lebanon; Syrian vlogger, Mohamed Wasim, Lebanese makeup artist, Rania Daou; and Bahraini filmmaker, Jaan AlBalushi, among many, many more.

What makes YouSat truly unique is that it offers what one would expect from any TV network, but without the expectations and pressures that TV executives love to dish out. You really are free to post content, whether old or new, with very few limitations.

More than just being a plain canvas for content creators to paint on, one of the most unique projects from YouSat has come in the form of Battle of the Rock - a brilliant music video knockout tournament that is being judged by some pretty big names, both regionally and internationally. The likes of Egyptian composer, Helmy Bakr, and rapper, Kordy, have had their say in the early rounds, while West Coast rap royal, Mr. X-to-the-Z himself, Xzibit, the legendary Coolio and German rapping favourite, Nana, have jumped along for the ride as the special guest judges of the finals. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg for YouSat, though. Battle of the Rock is just one way it is actively helping content creators highlight their videos even more and with a $10,000 prize waiting for the winner, we can’t imagine that it will be too long before we see a second one.

Whether you’re a content creator or a content consumer, click here for more information on YouSat.