Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Saudi Arabia is Finally Releasing a Film to Egyptian Cinemas

‘Alhamour H.A’ will be the first Saudi film to be released in Egypt, marking a milestone in the Kingdom’s artistic revival.

Cairo Scene

‘Alhamour H.A’ will be the first Saudi Arabian film to be commercially screened in movie theatres across Egypt.  

Based on a true story, the film follows famed Saudi Arabian conman Hamour Sawwa, who was publicly exposed in 2004 after amassing a fortune of SAR  1.5 billion by conning 4,000 victims.  
'Alhamour H.A’ is directed by LA-based Saudi filmmaker Abdulelah Alqurashi, and is written by Hani Kadour and Omar Bahabri. The film stars Fahad Al-Qahtani, Khaled Yeslam, Ismail Al-Hassan, Khayria Abu Laban, Hussam Al-Harthy, Ali Al-Sharif, and Fatima Al-Banawi. The comedy-drama’s soundtrack is penned by renowned Egyptian composer Hisham Nazih.  

The release marks a milestone in the kingdom’s artistic revival, as Saudi Arabia puts its support behind a greater number of productions and voices across various genres and mediums in order to bring Saudi talent into the spotlight.