Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Samra Scales Alaska

In another incredible feat, mountaineer Omar Samra is currently in Alaska, ready to climb Mount McKinley. We don't know why he's gone so far though, there's plenty of tall things to climb right here in Cairo...

Staff Writer

In the last leg of his attempt at climbing the Seven Summits, Omar Samra is currently in Alaska, getting ready to tackle the 5.5 kilometre climb to the top of Mount McKinley, also known as Denali in native Alaskan (yes, they have their own language). Success at this second attempt to scale this summit will mean that he'll have joined a handful of mountianeers that have climbed to the highest peaks of all of the continents. The only Egyptian to have attempted this challange, we at CairoScene have long been supporters of the mountain man (check out his CairoScene column here) but we can't help but wonder: why is he travelling so far to climb? We have some suggestions of tall things he can scale right here in Cairo:

Remember that pointless $1 million tower? Perfect climbing opportunity:

The giraffes at the Giza Zoo are another good choice (if they're still alive):

For a really challenging climb, how about the revolving restaurant at the Grand (ex-Hyatt) hotel?:

Finally, Cairo's very own big, friendly giant, Cairo360's Waseem El Tanahi would make for a great photo op:

Seriously though, we wish Omar Samra the best of luck. You can keep up to date with his adventures in Alaska on his Facebook page here or follow @OmarSamra on Twitter.