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SODIC, Cairo Runners, and The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt Are Going For a Run

Get your gears going and help raise awareness for Breast Cancer Month!

Every year, the world becomes increasingly aware of breast cancer – how to diagnose it, how to treat it, and how to avoid it. Its probably one of the most important and effective international collectives that takes place in every country. In Egypt, we actually have one of the most solid support systems for women diagnosed with breast cancer, which is The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE); founded in 2004 with a clear vision of promoting health, offer healthcare, and building support around the disease – they offer services from mammograms and hormonal therapy to post-chemo wigs and breast cancer research. But we also have others who are willing to run an extra mile for breast cancer awareness: SODIC Real Estate is doing so by having a huge charity run, collaborating with both the foundation and Cairo Runners.

On October 28th, we're joining them for a 6 km run from 7:45 AM until noon. Come join us and be a part of this all-around worthy cause! SODIC will be providing shuttle busses that will be picking people up at 6:30 AM from either Heliopolis (46 El Thawra Street in front of the SODIC sales centre), or Lebanon Square (in front of Hardee's), or Nasr City (in front of the main gate of El Ahly Sporting Club), to head off to SODIC West. And after the run, we'll be going to the Westown Hub to enjoy some live performances and cool off.

SODIC believes in the role athletes play when it comes to causes for humanity, and because it's October, we know that the best cause this month is to expand Egyptians' knowledge and awareness of breast health and breast cancer. Donations are being collected at SODIC’s Sales Centers as well as on the morning of the run. You can also donate directly to BCFE. Whichever way you choose to, be a part of this year’s breast cancer awareness month!

Visit SODIC Real Estate's Facebook page, or the event's page for more information!