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Prove Your TikTok Prowess and Get a Free One-Year Subscription to Watch iT

The streaming service has just launched a new TikTok competition and the top 10 winners are getting a free year’s subscription.

watch it

So half of the CairoScene team are TikTok gurus, flitting through filters and flooding our group chat with videos, while the other half have no idea what’s happening and have taken a solemn oath that come hell or high water (or global pandemic), they will NOT be sashaying their way into a Savage challenge. Until now.

Watch iT is wearing our (if we’re frank, already very fragile) willpower thin with their newest announcement of their #HowtoWatchiT TikTok competition, 10 lucky winners of which will be getting a free 1-year subscription to the streaming service.

Starting today, May 20th, until the last day of Ramadan, you can go on Watch iT’s TikTok account, use the soundtrack from their music video along with the hashtag #HowtoWatchiT, and upload your own video of you watching Watch iT. The winners will be selected by the highest number of views and likes, so get…posting? Is it ‘buzzing?’ Do you ‘yelp’ something? Is ‘TikTok’ a verb yet? Maybe it is time to download...

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