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Private Beaches Allowed to Reopen as Coronavirus Restrictions are Lifted

While public beaches are still off-limits due to their large crowds, private beaches with tourist villages or hotels - which can only operate at limited capacity because of COVID-19 - may soon reopen.


If you've been gazing longingly at that big wide beach from the comfort of your balcony, fantasizing about beach balls, intricately designed sand castles and the soft pitter-patter of strangers' feet as they trample all over that same intricately designed sand castle you spent a straight hour building - well depending on what beach you're looking at, you might have to wait a little longer. While public beaches are still off-limits, Egypt's Cabinet has said that private beaches that belong to hotels and tourist villages will be allowed to let visitors wander freely to soak in the sun on account of their comparatively small numbers. Although the beaches themselves are not closed, the hotels or villages leading to them are only allowed to operate at a limited capacity.

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