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Printz Lets You Pamper Your Credit Card with Funky Designs

This new Egyptian print shop, Printz, creates funky designs to stick onto your credit or debit cards.


Congratulations, you've made it to adulthood - you get your first credit card, what's the first thing you're going to do? Get a wicked Batman sticker to put on it, OBVIOUSLY.

Printz, founded by Kareem El-Sayed & Medhat Barakat, has created a whole host of hip designs that you can use to cover up your drab credit or debit cards - unless, of course, generic bland graphics are your thing, then you can move along.

Designs include everything from Marvel superheroes and dancing dogs to Futurama memes and football club badges as well as a variety of fresh patterns featuring flamingos or pizza, and you can even customize your own design.

Prices for stickers are 50 EGP for a piece frmo their collection and 80 EGP for a custom one.

So the next time you're drowning in credit debt, at least your Printz covered card will put you in a better mood.