Sunday May 26th, 2024
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Pier 88 Is Coming To Cairo

From the shores of the Red Sea to the banks of the Nile, the iconic Pier 88 is making its foray into the big city, opening in Cairo this week!

Staff Writer

Pier 88 Is Coming To Cairo

A beautiful little birdie – colours all coordinated and feathers brushed to perfection – flew into our office with some seriously exciting information. Anybody who’s anybody knows Gouna’s iconic Pier 88, one of the Red Sea’s wickedest F&B spots – it’s quite literally a floating dock with a gorgeous view, so you don’t focus on how much of their delicious menu you’ve managed to devour in one sitting. It’s even been said that you book your reservations at Pier 88 before you book your trip to Gouna.

Now, get this: rumour has it that Giovanni Bolandrini – one of the creative geniuses behind the Gouna hotspot – is taking his team and bringing Pier 88 to us classy and cultured Cairenes. Set to open up very soon somewhere in Zamalek (we know exactly when and where but we’re not allowed to tell just yet!), Pier 88 Nile River combines some of Bolandrini’s favourite things: fashion, food, beauty, and people. “I appreciate anything that has beauty,” Bolandrini enthuses. “Beautiful places, beautiful environments, beautiful décor, beautiful people, and beautiful fashion – all of it; and I want that to be a big part of the concept at Pier 88 Nile River: beauty.” No wonder he’s got Alchemy Design Studio doing all the design work and contracting Style Design to make the designs come to life.

You want all the details; we've got all the details. Stay tuned, Cairo!