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Nurseries Across Egypt Allowed to Reopen on July 1st

Nurseries across Egypt are allowed to reopen on July 1st, under the condition that they follow a set of rules set by the Ministry of Social Solidarity.


We're not going to tell you that you didn't enjoy spending every second of the past three months indoors with your children. You have beautiful, wonderful kids whose companies you would never, ever tire of. The restlessness and hyperactivity and spilled milk are all but threads of the treasured tapestry that is parenting. On an unrelated note, nurseries across Egypt are allowed to reopen starting July 1st. And of course, on account of the Coronavirus, they must meet certain conditions before they are given the go-ahead to let children back in, as the risk of contracting the virus is still quite high.

At the start of July, nurseries need to sign an agreement at the Ministry of Social Solidarity that they'll comply with the following conditions: all furniture and surfaces within the nursery must be regularly sanitized. Children in nurseries must be provided with training on how to stay safe. The children are not required to wear masks, but all nursery teachers and staff are.

Nurseries will only be allowed to operate from Sunday through Wednesday until 3 PM. There will be a special hotline set up in case of emergencies in the nurseries. And if you're not entirely sure if these precautions are enough to keep your children protected, well - #stayhome and #staysafe are still valid options, no matter how many businesses insist on reopening.

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