Sunday December 10th, 2023
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New Show ‘Ancient Egypt by Trains’ Takes Us From Alexandria to Aswan

In a new UK Channel 4 series, ‘Ancient Egypt by Train’, Roberts embarks on a railway journey through Egypt’s vast lands

Cairo Scene

Biologist, anthropologist, and British TV presenter Alice Roberts is traversing the lands of Egypt atop its railway - one of the oldest in the world - to uncover the secrets of its ancient lands (and hopefully nothing else - we have our eyes on you, British Museum).

Titled ‘Ancient Egypt by Train’, the documentary series follows Roberts as she explores Egypt and scouts destinations all the way from the coasts of Alexandria to the archaeological enclaves of Aswan, meeting experts and uncovering long-hidden secrets along the way. 

With the first episode already released on June 3rd, ‘Ancient Egypt by Train’ is set to be a four-part series and will air on the British public broadcast television channel, Channel 4.