Sunday May 26th, 2024
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New Pricing for Loaves of Bread and Fino

Regulated prices for loaves and fino bread reached after Ministry of Supply committee determines them.

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New Pricing for Loaves of Bread and Fino

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade issued an announcement regarding the regulation of prices for loaves of bread and fino. The prices for loaves of bread will be 150 piasters for 80 grams, 75 piasters for 40 grams, and 50 piasters for 25 grams. The announcement also includes prices for fino bread at 150 piasters for 50 grams and 100 piasters for 35 grams.

The Ministry emphasized the importance of clearly displaying the weights and prices to ensure transparency and prevent any ambiguity regarding the prices and weights of the bread. This decision aims to facilitate citizens' access to loaves of bread and fino at fair and reasonable prices. This announcement comes after the ministry formed a committee to determine the appropriate prices of bread at non-governmental bakeries.