Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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New Netflix Series 'Camel Quest' Pays Homage to Saudi’s Prized Animal

Childhood friends Safwan Modir & Omar Almaeena journey to the Crown Prince Camel Festival in the six-episode reality show.

Scene Now Saudi

Netflix's new series ‘Camel Quest’ pays tribute to Saudi Arabia's revered mammal, the camel. The six-episode reality show follows childhood friends Safwan Modir and Omar Almaeena as they embark on a journey across the kingdom to attend the Crown Prince Camel Festival. 

Along the way, they explore the historical and cultural significance of camels in Saudi Arabia while gaining deeper insights into their country. Established in 2018, the Crown Prince Camel Festival is the world's largest camel event, attracting participants from over 12 countries who compete in various categories such as speed, appearance, and breeding for a chance to win prizes worth over $14 million.

The debut of ‘Camel Quest’ marks the second major project from Saudi Arabia where camels take centre stage. ‘Hajjan’, a film directed by award-winning Egyptian filmmaker Abu Bakr Shawky, also premiered just last month.