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More Than 100 Saudi Doctors Stay On in Egypt to Help Treat Coronavirus Patients

Over 100 Saudi doctors are currently residing in Egypt due to a fellowship programme between the two nations, and they have all decided to remain in Egypt to finish treating patients with COVID-19.


It’s always great when someone’s got your back. But when it’s a hundred people who have got your back, then that’s just going to make us want to sing the praises of the spirit of international brotherhood and camaraderie and such. Fortunately, in these trying times, that’s exactly what we get to do. Over 100 highly-qualified Saudi doctors - all volunteers in a Saudi-Egyptian fellowship between the Saudi cultural attaché in Egypt and Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population- have chosen to remain in Egypt to treat patients with COVID-19.

“When the pandemic first began to spread, we decided we would not ignore our responsibility as doctors and leave our positions here in Egypt vacant," said Dr. Abdul Aziz El-Saadoun, a dermatologist enrolled in the fellowship programme. “Some of us work in emergency rooms, and as such, we’re considered the first line of defence.”

Al-Saeed Abdel-Hadi, who has previously taken part in the Egyptian-Saudi fellowship programme, said Saudi Arabia is no stranger to sending young doctors across the world to train in various medical specialties in Egypt and some of the biggest medical establishments around the world.

“Some of us are in the forefront of confronting the crises in the emergency rooms, while others are working in internal clinics….shouldering the humanitarian responsibility, and setting a wonderful example of solidarity and brotherhood during these difficult times,” Dr. El-Saadoun said.

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