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Marriott is Bringing The Gorgeously Hip W Hotels to New Cairo

Marriott and Landmark Sabbour have signed an agreement to launch the super trendy W Hotels in New Cairo.

Goa w hotel

W Hotels, often thought of as one of the hippest hotel brands around, is set to open in Cairo in 2024. Marriott International and Landmark Sabbour have finalized agreements for the branch to open in New Cairo which will be located 25 km away from Cairo International Airport.

Inspired by the dynamic, fast-paced tempo of New York City, the hotel first opened its doors in the Big Apple in 1998, where they aimed to redefine the concept of traditional luxury under the philosophy of 'Work hard, play hard'. The hotel brand is extremely popular amongst millenials for this very reason.

They will also be bringing their 'Whatever, Whenever ®' service which, as the name suggests, allows guests to order whatever they want, whenever they want. They aren't playing any games, either. Requests that they've previously fulfilled include a pair of training pants at 2 in the morning and a bathtub filled with chocolate.

We're looking forward to how this hotel will pan out in its first Egyptian branch. We aren't sure if all of their cool features will be available in the local branch, although Marriott International has confirmed that visitors in Cairo will be able to take advantage of the Whatever, Whenever® service. We're pretty sure we'd fill our bathtubs with tomeyya...what would you fill your bathtub with? Let us know in the comments below!

**The photos above show the stunning W Hotels in London, Goa, Brisbane and New York City.