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Lounge on a Breathtaking Crystal Lagoon at Mountain View's Crete Islands at Ras El Hikma

At Ras El Hikma's only livable project, Mountain View's Crete Islands gives you a sense of serene isolation at a crystal lagoon that's powered exclusively by sustainable energy.

mountain view crete islands

Imagine if you could have spent your time in quarantine enjoying the serenity of a crystal lagoon. Cut off from the rest of the world and its worries with your loved ones, with nothing to do but enjoy the sparkling stretches of water before you. When you close your eyes and picture 'self-isolation' that's the kind of thing you want to see, not four concrete walls and a front-row seat to the heavy traffic toiling two floors down from your window. Luckily, you don't have to wait for another quarantine to bring those dreams to life. Mountain View is launching a new phase at Sahel in their Ras El Hikma project called the Crete Islands, and it's everything you imagined and more.

The new phase will be built on one central 45,000-square metre world-class lagoon courtesy of the international Crystal Lagoons with a 2.3 KM shoreline. Located at Ras El Hikma's only liveable project, Mountain View's Crete Islands will have 1,166 units that will be built in clusters on islands, giving you full access to the gentle waves that brush against your shores. The units themselves will come in a range of options, from stand-alone villas to full-blown chalets, to meet anyone's summer house needs.

And while you'll certainly gain the peace of mind surrounded by such a far-off landscape, you won’t be so far-off that you can’t access a wide number of services. Just off your personal coast you will be able to go to the clinic, the supermarket, diffrent food and beverage restaurants, and even a bike shop. On top of all that, you’ve got a housekeeping service to keep your dream home effortlessly clean. And all of these establishments, along with your unit, exclusively use sustainable energy with solar panels and a marina that's currently under construction to provide hydroelectric power.

The global pandemic has certainly slowed everything down, but Mountain View remains dedicated with charging forward in all their projects so you can slow down on your own terms.

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