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Keep Track of Overcrowded Mosques through Xtend's New Website

XTend’s new website lets you track how many people are at mosques to allow you to avoid overcrowding - and while it's still unofficial, you can add yourself to the count by reserving your spot!

mosque of mohammed ali

Maybe you haven't heard, but everything is opening up again these days. And that one magic number - 25% - keeps popping up. 25% capacity at cinemas, 25% at hotels, 25% capacity at the mall - and 25% capacity at mosques, all to prevent the kind of overcrowding that can keep the Coronavirus going around. But for the pious among us, there's got to be some way to guarantee you're part of that 25% that gets to pray at your mosque of choice.  A new website – courtesy of Software Development Company  ‘XTend’ – has created a website to address that concern. 

The website allows you to track how many people are currently present in the mosque you want to go to. And if there's still space available, you can reserve your spot and be added to the count. Because the website is still unofficial, the count largely depends on its users. 

“Many countries abroad have implemented this type of system, and so we thought it would be a good idea to apply it locally as well, “ Mostafa Atef, who co-founded XTend along with Youssef Mahmoud, told CairoScene, “The website has the potential to significantly limit the spread of the Coronavirus by ensuring people avoid crowded areas." 

The website sends you an SMS if the mosque you have selected to visit has exceeded 25% capacity. You can view mosques near you through a map, or manually search for mosques in the area you’re in via their search bar.

The co-founders are currently in the process of building a phone app, and hope to launch the same system for other spaces such as supermarkets, shops and restaurants. They also plan to create a fully-fledged COVID-19 tracking system software. 

To start using the service, head over to

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