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Ismailia’s Al Mahmasa Water Recycling Plant Receives Global Sustainability Award

Al Mahmasa water plant just opened in April and has already won a global award for sustainability and water use from Capital Finance International.

mahmasa water plant

A lot of people see sustainability in Egypt as an uphill battle, but it’s not a battle that’s gone uncontested, and this latest news proves it: Ismailia’s Al Mahmasa plant for the treatment and recycling of agricultural wastewater has been named the Best Global Recycling and Water Use Project of 2020 by Capital Finance International. The project, which opened in April, was constructed by Hassan Allam Holding and Metito Africa, and it’s literally the largest of its kind globally with a daily water capacity of one million (!!!) cubic metres.

The project is just one of many sustainability megaprojects implemented in the country lately, including Benban Solar Park, one of the world’s largest solar energy plants.

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