Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Here are the Most Googled Topics in Egypt in 2022

If our eyes are a window to the soul, then our Google search history is the cellar door hidden under a rug.

Cairo Scene

Every year, we hold onto the edges of our seats in preparation for the annual Google report on the most-searched topics in Egypt. Not only because it’s exciting and provides insights into what we care about, but mostly because it makes for great meme material. (After all, as Egyptians, we love nothing more than making fun of ourselves).
Obviously, with the global economic recession being an ongoing phenomenon, the US dollar rate is the most searched topic in Egypt. Palestinian journalist and martyr Shireen Abu Akleh is among the top ten most searched personalities as well, a testament to the value of her life. Of course, in spite of everything, we remain proud of our Egyptian National Team, which happens to be our top search in the sports category. And despite the slew of issues in the music scene exacerbated by the Musicians Syndicate, pop-shaabi fusion hit ‘El Ghazala Rayaa’ dominates the songs category. 

US dollar rates

World Cup

Support Egypt Website

Egyptian national football team

African Cup

Covid-19 vaccine registration

Solar eclipse

COP 27

Earthquake today

Ukraine and Russia war


Mayar Al Beblawy

Hesham Selim

Shaimaa Gamal

George El Rassi

Samir Sabry

Shireen Abu Akleh

Dr. Reda Hegazy

Sherine Abdel Wahab

Jala Fahmy


Egyptian national football team

World Cup matches

African Cup

Egypt vs Senegal

Manchester City vs Liverpool

Al Ahly vs Sundowns

South Korea vs Egypt

Al Ahly vs Al Ragaa

Al Ahly vs Zamalek

Liverpool vs Bournemouth 


Al Ghazala Rayaa

Seto Ana


Al Bakht

Yomaty Baba'at Al Salam

Aliki Eyoun

Enta Al Haz

Wasaa Wasaa

Law Gai fe Regoaa Ensany

Wesh Jabak, Ole Wesh Jabak 



Ana we Heya

El Ekhtyar Part 3

Abo El Arousa Part 3

El Kebeer Awy Part 6

El MeshwarAmel Eh

El Beit Beity

Al MadahEl A'edon