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Greek is the Way to Go: Why We’re Obsessed with Juhayna’s New Gamechanging Yogurts

Breakfast, lunch or dinner – yogurt is a staple in every Egyptian household. Juhayna’s new Greek yogurt redefines that with a creamy, protein-packed range, with fat content levels to suit every diet.

juhayna greek yoghurt

Greece has given us many things. From philosophy and architecture, to mythology and music, our Mediterranean neighbours have been generous to say the least. When it comes to food, it’s no different. And though we might argue about the origins of dishes that appear on the menus of both Greek and Egyptian households, there’s one thing we can’t argue about: Greek yogurt is in a league of its own. Juhayna’s new line of authentic Greek yogurts proves exactly why traditional and authentic ways of producing iconic treats make all the difference to the outcome. This isn’t the ‘Greek-style’ yogurt you see filling the supermarket shelves. This is the real deal.

So what makes us so obsessed with Greek yogurt? It’s not 3o2det Elkhawaga, we promise. Regular yogurt contains whey, which is what creates that thing liquid-y layer on top of your pot. Making Greek yogurt means the product has been strained to remove most of the whey, and thus removing a lot of the liquid, resulting in an unbelievably thick, creamy yogurt. In fact, it takes three to four pots of milk to create just one pot of Juhayna’s Greek yogurt, meaning it turns out velvety, luscious and filling.

We know what you’re thinking at this point: thick, creamy, velvety and luscious make it sound like a decadent dessert not a healthy snack. And yes, you can definitely swap out your guilty pleasures with a cup of Juhayna’s Greek Yogurt (add a bit of honey for sweetness, and thank us later!) but the dairy wizards have got you covered, even if you’re trying to keep your calorie count down. Their standard Greek Yogurt (the blue packaging) contains 5% fat, which is the average for Greek yogurt in general. However, in a move we’ve never seen before, they’ve also released three other fat content levels. Their guilt-free pink package contains just 0.2% fat, their balanced green package is 2% fat and the indulgent burgundy package contains 7% fat.

Whichever one you choose, rest assured you’ll be getting a whopping 15 grams of protein per cup (except for their 7% cup which contains 13 grams of protein), leaving you both energised and satisfied. The high protein count is a great boost before exercise, as it contributes to the building, maintenance and repair of muscles. Add to that the fact that Greek Yogurt is packed full of vitamins and pro-biotics, and even the highest fat content cup will do your body good. Best of all, Juhayna’s Greek Yogurt range is light on the wallet: at just 15LE, it might be a little more expensive than your average yogurt, but each package is almost double the size of regular cups – and a lot more affordable than the imported or home-made artisan Greek yogurts. And with a shelf-life of 45 days, you can stock your fridge and not worry about them spoiling… And that’s exactly what we’re about to do.

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