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Get Your Nostalgia Rolling with this Online Kite-Making Class

Reliving our best Egyptian childhood days is exactly what we need coming out of quarantine, and this online kite-making workshop has heard our prayers.


You may have noticed that kite season is upon us, with Cairo’s skies streaming with colour for days on end, and it's got us feeling nostalgic for the days of Katakito chocolate and Coke in glass bottles. Which is why we’re so obsessed with this online kite-making course that's bringing us back to our rooftops so we could relive those childhood memories - and maybe share them with children of our own.

The online workshop will be held by engineer Mohamed Gomaa, a long-time kite connoisseur of sorts with 35 years of kite flying under his belt. The class will take on the shape of a simple Zoom call on July 3rd from 6 PM to 9 PM. After the class, Gomaa will stay in contact to monitor your colourful creations through WhatsApp. All you need to start is EGP200, four pieces of wood or 50 cm of newspaper, some plastic bags, scissors, tape, and a roll of thread.

The first ten students will receive a 50% discount on class. To enrol, message Meccano Co-Working Space on their Facebook page.

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