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GB Ghabbour Auto Launches New Online Reservation Platform for Chery Cars

If we buy groceries and medicines online, why not buy our cars online, too?


In an age when everything from grocery shopping to pharmaceuticals needs are online, it was only a matter of time before the process of buying a car would ‘go digital’ too. Leading the way is one of Egypt’s biggest companies in the field of car assemblage and distribution, GB Ghabbour Auto, who have become one of the very first companies of its kind to offer an all-encompassing online system for Chery cars.

With the company being the sole Chery distributor in Egypt, the new online system allows users to browse through the whole library of Chery models and is a more efficient and faster way to get your hands on a set of new wheels - so easy, in fact, that there are exactly five steps between you and your new vehicle. After choosing your model, colour and options, you will then be asked to identify the nearest dealership or exhibition centre to you. Then you deposit the required reservation amount and wait for a sales rep to call you and arrange a time to receive your car. The final step is transferring the money and, et voila, your car is on its way.

The company also offers Chery purchasers a five-year or 100,000 km warranty, whichever comes first, and, in addition to the 30 GB Ghabbour Auto exhibition centres, there are tens more certified distributors across the country - plus 13 certified after-sales service centres.

The platform comes as part of a concerted effort from the company to lead the way in its field when it comes to digitising various processes, in an effort to offer a more efficient and convenient form of communication with customers. `And, quite frankly, we can’t think of a better way to browse for a new car. Should we get it in blue, red or go crazy and get it in burnt orange? Decisions, decisions.

Head over to their site and get browsing.

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