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Family of Late Actor Ahmed Zaki Honours His Legacy Through New Website

To honour the late actor Ahmed Zaki, his family created a new website that showcases his correspondence, images from his private life, and clips of his most iconic moments.

ahmed zaki

Ahmed Zaki (1949 – 2005) is – without a doubt – one of the most beloved actors in Egyptian cinematic history. With his legendary versatility as an actor and stage performer, Zaki is famous for his wide range of roles under different genres of film. His family created a website to honour the actor's legacy, made up of all the different moments, clips and stories that best represents Ahmed Zaki throughout his lifetime.

The website encompasses photos of the late actor’s personal belongings, his fan letters and the exchanges made between him and his fellow artists - as well as the letters he wrote during his time in the hospital before he passed away. The online collection includes Zaki's press interviews from the biggest national newspapers, scanned documents of the actor’s film and TV contracts, and touching testimonies from other actors about their experiences with Zaki. Fans can also find rare family photos of Zaki with his loved ones, and catch a glimpse of his never-before-seen personal life.

To start learning more about the legendary actor, check out

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