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Exclusive Sneak Peek at Giza Pyramids' New Tourist Experience

CairoScene went on a trip to the Giza Plateau, where we attended a private tour of the newly developed visitors centre, and then hopped on an electric bus to the world-class King Khufu Center.

The next time you visit the Pyramids of Giza, you may find yourself immersed in an all-new tourist experience!

The Giza plateau's new visitor centre and VIP lounge is a reinvented gateway to the ancient Pyramids, equipped with hop-on hop-off electric buses that can whisk you across the entire plateau, including any of the Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, the famed 9 Pyramids Lounge as well the brand new King Khufu Center complete with gourmet dining destinations and shopping outlets.

This evening, CairoScene took one such trip to the King Khufu Center, where we also got a sneak peek of its upcoming restaurant, Khufus (run by Pier 88 Group Egypt, the very-same masterminds behind Pier 88).

Once a humble maintanence building, the structure underwent a dramatic transformation with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Ministry of Interior. The King Khufu Center will feature a diverse range of exemplary dining and cultural experiences, the King's Court lounge, and relaxing outdoor terraces - and of course a jaw-dropping view of the Pyramids.

The King Khufu Center represents the first major work that has been completed on the Giza plateau, paving the path for more world-class experiences to follow as part of this all encompassing touristic transformation. Stay tuned for more stories from this dazzling development in the coming months, exclusively on CairoScene.