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Egyptian Startup Makes Science Easier for Researchers

What happens when you combine science and the idea behind Uber?

Egyptian Scientist

Digital platforms that connect demand to supply aren’t news to us  - apps like Uber and AirBnB continue to make our lives easier every day. But what if it’s done in the name of science?

Standing up to the major challenges that face the field of research and development in Egypt, like underfunding for labs and scientific institutes, Yomna Saleh offers a brilliant cloud-based solution to help scientists focus on innovation. In 2018, the CEO launched Scienup, the region’s first online marketplace for scientific research experiments and services.

The start-up operates under a sharing economy model, providing services and equipment to researchers and businesses looking to outsource scientific experiments. With a database of over 500 pieces of equipment and more than six public and private research institutes on board, Scienup aims to democratize access to essential and otherwise expensive facilities and resources. Imagine that - research and development for the sake of research and development.

As an even more welcoming invite to promote science and innovation, Yomna Saleh is hosting Scienup's first workshop about design thinking for scientific researchers. Find out more about the event on Scienup's Facebook.

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