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Egyptian Automobile Company El Nasr to Manufacture First Locally-Made Electric Car

Egypt’s first locally-manufactured electric car - produced by El Nasr Automotives with help from Chinese DongFend Motor - will hit the streets in the second half of 2021.

electric car

An Egyptian electric car? An actual car, not just a bus or something? You better believe it. El-Nasr Automotive company  (established in 1960) – known for being the brains behind the archetypal pop culture icon that is ‘Fiat 128’ – has announced the production of the first Egyptian-made electric vehicle, with help from Chinese company DongFeng Motor to oversee the manufacturing of the cars, provide training programmes for Egyptian employees to help build them and create service stations for them.

The car will have two models available for sale: a cheaper model that can be used by taxi drivers and ride-hailing services, and a more expensive model for everyone else - the average consumer who’s sick of gas and wants to dedicate a purchase to Mother Earth. The average cost of the electric car is tentatively planned to be EGP 300,000. 40% of the materials will be produced locally, with the rest to be imported from China.

The Egyptian cabinet is hashing out details to ensure that service stations will be built nationwide, and that they'll have enough electricity to help charge up your car.

And yeah, that's another thing that makes electric cars in Egypt so hard to think about. How are we gonna charge these bad boys? You can charge at home over 12 hours on average, or at charging stations that will be installed at different public and private parking lots - like the mall - that will fully charge the car over 4 hours. Finally, we should be able to refuel at gas stations, which should take 30 to 45 minutes for a full charge. The car is set to touch down for public sale in the second half of 2021.

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