Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Adventurer Omar Samra and Triathlete Omar Nour Gear Up to Row Across The Atlantic Ocean

More people have gone to space than have successfully completed the daring crossing.

Staff Writer

Rowing across the Atlantic ocean is one of the toughest athletic challenges there have been in history. Fact is, more people have gone to space than have successfully rowed the 5,000 kilometers to cross the world's second largest ocean. But that wasn't enough to scare away Egypt's ultimate adventurer Omar Samra and prominent triathlete Omar Nour, who are now gearing up to embark on this unique challenge on December 12th, making it the very first time an Egyptian team attempts such an infamous row.

The world record for the challenging crossing is set at 40 days, with the average crossing time taking 20 more days. The Egyptian duo, dubbed team O2, will be attempting to break the record with no outside assistance whatsoever for the duration of the challenge, which will be powered from the get-go by the world's leading logistics company DHL Express. "All these values are in DHL’s identity. Teamwork is key for DHL’s business growth. As we are stronger together than apart, we work together to overcome all challenges and to achieve one goal which is delivering our customers’ shipments across the world in the safest and fastest way. We connect the world within 48 hours. Team O2 is accepting this challenge and living DHL principles" stated DHL Express Egypt Country Manager Ahmed ElFangary. "We have full faith in this partnership, and will continue to look for opportunities to highlights talent in Egypt."

300+ hours of intense row training throughout the year is how Samra and Nour have prepared for the adventure. With Samra being the first Egyptian to ever climb Mount Everest, complete the explorer's grand slam and finish the seven summits challenge, the future astronaut is definitely the man for the job. “Taking on the world’s toughest row across the Atlantic Ocean is an enormous challenge for both of us and a real opportunity for us to test our mental and physical limits and to grow. Nothing worth achieving is easy, and through taking on this challenge we hope to inspire people to believe that anything can be done through passion, perseverance, and hard work," says Omar Samra, adding that if two people who just a year ago had almost never rowed in their entire life can cross an ocean, then anyone can achieve whatever they set their minds to. “When we’re out in the middle of the Atlantic, we only have each other to rely on – but we’re determined, resourceful, and ready to push the limits of our potential. To have a partner like DHL, who believe in the same values that we do – team work, dedication, and commitment - makes all the difference to our campaign,” explains Omar Nour.

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