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Egypt’s Ministry of Culture Launches Online Workshops for Kids with Sign Language Translation

The workshop series series will host workshops providing COVID-19 health tips and teach kids how to make handicrafts such as Ramadan lanterns.

sign language

As part of the “Khaleek fel Beit…El Thaqafa Bein Edeik” initiative, the Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Development fund has launched a series of art and awareness workshops for kids using sign language, as a way to provide children with an ideal environment to discover and nurture their talents during their time in quarantine.

The first episode in the series provides health tips on dealing with the Coronavirus led by Egyptian teacher Hoda El-Anshashi, in addition to a workshop by actress Soha Kahil on how to make their own Ramadan decorations at home. And if that’s not the cutest thing we’ve ever heard, we don’t know what is. These are the first two of the numerous workshops planned for release.

You can find the workshops on the CDFegypt channel on YouTube.

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