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Egypt’s First 'Cleanup Family Run' Takes Over Wadi Degla Protectorate

It's just what it sounds like. Grab a garbage bag and get hiking across Wadi Degla’s gorgeous valleys and serene waterfall to collect as much trash as you can, and help keep it beautiful and clean.

Conservation is all about community, and nowhere in Cairo is that clearer than with Wadi Ibex, a trail running team dedicated to raising awareness of the beauty of the Wadi Degla Protectorate since 2018. Now they’re inviting everyone to join in their efforts with a massive ‘Cleanup Family Run’, in coordination with national environmental campaign, Eco Egypt.

It’s exactly what it sounds like - you tie up your most comfortable (and least white) sneakers, grab a garbage bag from the race organisers, and you get hiking across Wadi Degla’s gorgeous valleys and serene waterfall to collect as much trash as you can. Not only will you be part of a larger community keeping Wadi Degla beautiful, but all proceeds from the ticket sales will pay for new desegregated trash cans to be distributed across the protectorate.

“It bothers us when people don't respect nature like we do,” Raïd Gamal El Din, founder of Wadi Ibex, tells CairoScene. “This entire event is a win-win. The protectorate gets to be clean, and the trash collectors will be encouraged by the tremendous show of support.”

All you have to do to sign up is visit @wadiibex on Instagram, and fill out the form through link in bio before the Cleanup Family Run begins on September 3rd. Everyone who pays EGP 250 will get a goodie bag and a medal by the end of the race, and if you pay EGP 400, you’ll get to keep a special t-shirt too!

If you just want to enjoy Wadi Degla without stopping to smell the roses and/or tossed out soda cans, you can sign up for a regular 52 km run for EGP 750, or a 26 km run for EGP 600. While you won’t be garbage collecting, your ticket price will still go back to help the protectorate stay gorgeous and clean.