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Egypt Launches Resource for Egyptians Trapped In or Outside the Country

The resource is meant to help them facilitate their situations.


A team designated to work around the clock has been constructed in order to receive citizen’s messages regarding any issues related to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, as instructed by Nabila Maram, the Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad. 

In light of the paused flights and requirements for health certifications, and other issues facing Egyptians abroad, the ministry has launched this resource in order to help aid their concerns and get them home safely, or return to their homes overseas.

The platform will facilitate the processes of those Egyptians and speed up interference, bearing in mind the specific circumstances of each case, in all the current available ways. 

Until today, over 5,000 Egyptian Muslims were unable to get back into the country after Saudi Arabia stopped all flights to Cairo. It was only announced hours ago that Egyptians currently inside the kingdom to be able to board a flight home, but only throughout the period of March 9 to 24.