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Curfew is Officially Cancelled Starting June 27th

With many COVID-19 regulations being lifted, the elimination of night time curfews are going with them starting Saturday June 27th.


You all read the headline correctly: starting Saturday, June 27th, curfew is officially cancelled. Not just "Starts a few hours later for Ramadan" cancelled, not just "Midnight to 4 in the morning" cancelled. Just straight-up gone. No more. Done with.

Whether or not we're doing away with curfews too soon, it doesn't mean everything is back to the way it was. With malls, restaurants and shops still closing early, it may mean a shift in priorities for how we wander through the night. And since the Coronavirus pandemic is still far from over, wearing face masks continues to be mandatory, with a penalty of imprisonment or a EGP 4,000 fine for anyone who refuses to abide by this rule.

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