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Colour Outside the Lines: De-Stress with These 7 Adult Colouring Books

Anti-stress adult colouring books are totally a thing.

colouring books

Life itself is stressful enough as it is without adding on the additional load of the current COVID-19 disaster, but hey, here we are. In the middle of this giant stressfest, there are a number of things you can do to maintain your sanity which include but are not limited to: championship ice cream eating, wine for breakfast, and, interestingly enough, colouring. 

As it turns out, colouring books aren’t only for the 10 and under demographic; they’re perfectly suited to adults as well. Studies have shown that colouring can help adults to de-stress and unwind - and they’re also great for passing those long quarantine hours. 

So here are 5 local Egyptian colouring book brands - for adults - that you can while away the hours doodling in: 

Anti-Stress Coloring Books

This brand stocks a wide array of handmade custom colouring books that will satisfy any adults’ colouring needs - whether or not you knew you had them. They have a whole range of different designs that you can choose from and can find them at SciTopia.

My Mandalas 

Wind down (with or without a glass of wine, your call) with this de-stressing adult colouring book, which features a slew of, yes, you guessed it, mandalas. You can either buy a single book or a package, and they deliver all around Cairo.

Cairo Coloring Club

Known to be Egypt’s first colouring club for adults, founder Sahar El-Nadi hosts a popular workshop for like-minded grownups who kind of want to channel their inner child - because childhood was so much more fun obviously. And there were no bills to pay. And no hangovers. Anyway, aside from workshops, she’s also released an adult colouring book, called The Book of Joy, which is now a bestseller at multiple bookstores.

Soul Resort

This is not an actual resort for your soul, but it is pretty darn soothing to your soul; this adult colouring book was made specifically for stress relief. Their unique product lines have a distinctly Egyptian twist and let you colour in everything from the pyramids, to the Hand of Fatima, to phrases written out in funky Arabic typography. And if you think basic colouring on paper is too simple for you, you pro, you also have the option to draw and colour on posters.

Color Land

Aside from their adult colouring books designed to calm you down, they also have random colouring competitions, which honestly sound like they belong in the 2020, errr 2021 Olympics. They have a bunch of different colouring book options, including one entirely dedicated to animals (super cute, we know).

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