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Case Closed: Support Your Local Laptop Cases

If you're thinking you should start protecting your mean work machine, which you absolutely should, check out these 9 local brands.

Laptop Sleeve

It doesn't take much to know you need to protect your laptop. Your laptop is your life. It's all our lives. We're typing this on a laptop right now. We've therefore searched high and low for the best local laptop sleeves so you don't have to. To get the best long life out of your machine, here's the 9 best local brands according to (tasteful) laptop protecting fiends.



Yawza call themselves the coolest laptop sleeves in town. We agree. See that sleeve with the donuts everyone's been carrying around? It's them, but there's also lots of other amazing designs. Some food related, some not.

Doodle Factory


We've always loved Doodle Factory's concept of shopping for a purpose: if you didn't know, all their designs are doodled by children, and the proceeds go into their healthcare and education. They make clothes, notebooks, bags, and *drumroll* laptop cases. Not only are they adorable and beautiful, but you'll also be supporting a good cause.




Covery makes all things covers. As if we needed to mention that. They make themed cases: one for if you like Friends, another for if you love Monsters' Inc, and if you're a lover of the art, the Starry Night. If that's your type of thing, you can also buy a phone case to match.




Decorate your laptop both inside and out with stickers and laptop sleeves from Madd. Their water-resistant case collection boasts a really unique collection of designs, and their stickers are also sometimes memes. 

Madd deliver and are also available in Cairo Festival City and Point 90.



Canva prints its art on a wide selection of bags, fannypacks, camera straps, aprons, and wallets. But also obviously laptop cases. They're cool because they have a selection that caters to every taste.


Classy and elegant, Serpenti's faux leather laptop sleeves helps you concur work in style. Guaranteed. 




We know them (and love them) for what they do for the environment. Upfuse's laptop cases are all things recycled, all things environmentally friendly, all things gorgeous, and even all things practical because they have convertible sleeves you can use as a bag! Who needs hands to carry stuff around?



We've all been seeing and hearing about Palma so much lately, but apparently their oriental patterns are also ones of laptop sleeve brag.



Last but definitely not least, Mii's our pick for if you're thinking trendy.



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