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CairoComix Returns to Showcase Local and World Class Talent

With great comics, come great comic festivals...!

cairocomix flash magazine khalid essafty

CairoComix is a free-to-enter festival that sets out to prove that the love of comics has a place in Egypt. With all the hit blockbuster movies coming out of Hollywood, it can be easy to forget that comics aren't just limited to America's Marvel Universe. Running from November 1st to November 3rd, the fifth edition of CairoComix will take place in the Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, just across the street from the Opera Metro Station. The festival will feature a slew of prestigious artists with both local and international acclaim, including Paul Pope (Batman: Year 100), Benoît Guillaume (Par Hasard) and Khalid Essafty (Flash magazine), among many others. With artist talks, a boutique by ComicSouk, and an alley of independent artists at Indie Square, CairoComix is here to show us how rich and accessible the world of comics truly is.

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