Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Cairo Animal Shelter ESMA May Shut Down Due to Lack of Funds

The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA), Cairo's largest animal shelter, has announced on Facebook that it no longer has the financial means to maintain operations and as such may be closing down.

Staff Writer

Egypt's largest animal shelter and animal rights group, ESMA, took to Facebook to announce that they are shutting down due to lack of funds. The organisation may soon be unable to cover expenses such as rent, salaries, veterinarian bills, debts, medical costs, food, electricity bills, and all the day to day financial obligations that go into maintaining the shelter.

ESMA's funding has been steadily decreasing due to a lot of promises that people haven't followed through with, leaving them, and the 1300 animals currently in their care, without recourse.

Many of ESMA’s animals need surgeries and medical care because of the extremely harsh conditions they were taken out of. It's sad that we can spare money for a pair of new shoes, or a ridiculously expensive iPhone, but can't spare a penny for these defenceless creatures who literally have no other choice but to return to the street where they were abandoned, injured, starved, and irrevocably mistreated.

Their funds depleted down to a measly EGP 1000, the founders are out of money themselves and have taken to Facebook with a gut-wrenching plea on behalf of the animals they're taking care of, accompanied by their photos in the shelter, particularly those who need medical attention.

Some people have taken to social media to blame the shelter, claiming that it was ESMA's fault for taking in those animals in to begin with. However, numerous animals were simply left on the organisation's doorstep, forcing ESMA to take in litters of abandoned puppies and kittens, in addition to the ones they were already sheltering.

If you are sympathetic to their plea, reach out to ESMA on Facebook. You can also call them on 01222188823 and donate to keep the organisation operating.